February 1, 2024 |

Make Your Morning Routine More Energy Efficient

Rise and shine! The start of your day is the perfect time to start saving energy. Make your mornings more efficient with these tips.

Take a shorter shower
There is no better way to start your day than a nice, hot morning shower. Try to keep it to 10 minutes or less, though. You'll save some time and avoid sending too much energy and water down the drain.

Turn off the tap
You need water when you're shaving or brushing your teeth, but you don't need to leave it running the whole time. Turn the water on only when you need it.

Make the most of your breakfast
Cooking eggs or oatmeal? Match the size of the pot or pan to the burner to avoid wasting energy. The microwave or toaster oven is an energy-efficient choice for heating many breakfast foods.

Power down before you leave
Don't waste energy on an empty house. When you're leaving for the day, make sure to turn off lights, adjust the thermostat, and unplug chargers and other unused electronics.

Upgrade for savings
A few simple upgrades can make saving energy easier.

  • Water-efficient fixtures, such as low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, use less water, reducing the energy needed to heat that water.
  • Wi-Fi programmable thermostats automatically adjust the temperature based on your schedule. Smart models include advanced features, such as remote control and self-programming.
  • Advanced power strips automatically shut off power to plugged-in devices when they're not in use.

With these simple measures, you can wake up to lower energy bills this morning and all year.