June 1, 2024 |

Just Give 'Em Some Room!

In 2018, Iowa expanded its move over or slow down law requiring motorists to move over or slow down when approaching ANY stationary vehicle with flashing lights activated, including passenger vehicles with hazard lights. Those who disobey the law could receive hefty fines or potentially lose their driver’s license.

The law (Iowa Code section 321.323A) is particularly important to our co-op because it helps keep our lineworkers and maintenance workers safe as they often need to perform complex and dangerous work with electric equipment on the shoulder of the road. And even though our employees set out caution signs and orange cones, wear high visibility gear, and turn on their vehicles’ emergency lights, other motorists often fail to give them the room they need to do their job safely. Their jobs are dangerous enough…just give ‘em some room!

It’s not just a courtesy; it’s the law to move over or slow down to keep everyone safe.

According to Iowa Code section 321.323A, Iowa law requires motorists to:

1. Change lanes or slow down, absent any other direction from a peace officer, when approaching the following vehicles:

  • A stationary emergency vehicle that has its flashing lights activated.
  • A stationary tow, recovery, maintenance, construction, solid waste, or recycling collection vehicle that has its flashing lights activated.
  • Any stationary motor vehicle, including a passenger vehicle, continually displaying its emergency signal lamps (i.e., standard hazard lights).

2. Yield  the right of way to an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights or giving an audible signal. Always move to the right, stop, and wait until the vehicle has passed before proceeding.

Source: Iowa Department of Transportation